To My Old Brown Earth

A series of hyperlinks below sum up better than anything I could write how this earth is headed for disaster … at least for most lifeforms on the planet. Insects and reptiles might survive. It is already beginning, but the worst won’t happen in my lifetime. By the time my children are old, they will struggle with many problems brought on my the greed and selfishness of older generations.

Michelle and I are doing a little to mitigate our carbon footprint, but I fear it is not enough. We have one hybrid vehicle (1 of 3). All our yard implements are electric. And, most importantly, we are going completely solar. We will produce 105% monthly of what we now buy from Florida Light and Power. Of course, as with most states, the utility companies have bought enough politicians (Joe Manchin, anyone?) who have created laws to make being environmentally proactive more expensive. So, we have have had to purchase a one million dollar umbrella insurance package for our home – ostensibly to protect us in case an electric company employee gets hurt by our system feeding electricity back into the grid. In reality, that law is designed to deter people from going solar.  We are, in essence, paying a tax for trying to reduce our carbon imprint.

And yet everyone sits around and wrings their hands over global warming. I’m with Greta Thunberg.  “Blah, blah, blah”.

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