MusikHaus redux

As I type this, the first blog in my new location, I have few hopes that anyone will read it. For those who do, thank you for visiting!

We are currently mid-Covid-19 crisis [Trump on Jan. 22, “We have it totally under control.”  Yeah.  (sarcasm intended) About that…], and mid-election year chaos.

Some time ago I joined the Facebook boycott and that included Messenger. My justifications are backed up by writers from both the left and right sides of the political bias such as The Guardian and  Forbes, I have not deleted my account (yet), but don’t visit much. Apologies to those whose birthdays and other important dates I have missed. Also great apologies for ignoring Messenger posts.

I’m not doing much anywhere on social media, unless you count LinkedIn, Academia, and my dog Loki’s Instagram page.

My energies have been here with the creation of this website. It is just a start. Not pretty or fancy yet because I wanted to make certain it functioned correctly before I announced it. If you interested in being connected hopefully we can stay in touch here rather than on those sites that exist for profit. I have grown weary of those that profit on our need to connect.

As the website becomes more fully formed, I’ll try to drop a daily blog to keep everyone informed of my doings. For now, it will more likely be weekly.