Realizing what I don’t know….

Since finishing my sudden fill-in for the University of Miami graduate choral literature class and dealing with settling Rachel into our household (albeit temporarily); I am now picking up the two projects abruptly dropped three weeks ago: the Total Wine Professional program and the completion of the Proper for Christmas Day in the Choralis Constantinus so that Markus Utz can begin to prepare it for recording.

The Total Wine program is really fantastic as it puts me back into undergraduate mode. I thought I knew a lot about wine (I suppose I do, compared to the average person off the street), but this program requires me to understand geography, history, botany, chemistry (this from someone who never studied either of those last two topics), and climate change. It also forces me to develop a more sophisticated palate and vocabulary to be able to describe wine and interpret a customer’s desires. As an experienced presenter, I am used to reading an audience and changing gears when necessary. But the knowledge base required for this experience is vast. I am back at school.

Meanwhile, in my REAL life (as I am quick to remind my co-workers at Total Wine) I am struggling – after all these years in the trenches – with re-learning the skills necessary for good scholarly research. I am keenly aware of my shortcomings as a musicologist – especially in light of working with polyphonic settings of an early medieval sequence. Just reading some of the recent research done on a) Isaac, b) sequences, c) early music printing, d) text underlay in early Renaissance prints, and e) random other items; makes me want to bury my head under a pillow because I am so far behind the current research.

Why am I doing this? Because I believe in leaving something behind. I know too many who, once they retired from what they had done for a living, became old before their time. Some had heart attacks or quickly lost their mental acuity. While I am experiencing a physical decline – back surgery, terrible arthritis in my hands (all those years of pounding keyboards), and other issues – at least once I’m gone this music may have a chance to live.

BTW, have you reserved your t-shirt yet? They not likely to last long since at least 280 million or so Americans qualify to wear it…….

What a slimeball.

At least I pay my fair share to help this country. Michelle and I paid over $8000 in taxes this past year. Please explain how this gasbag can live off our money, make millions by being president (in addition to his salary), and owe the citizenry of this country NOTHING in return.

Flush the turd on November 3rd.