I’m not retired….

OK, so I’m 67. I retired to Florida, beautiful new home, enclosed pool and spa, fun yard and garden, on a canal off the Caloosahatchee with a boat and convertible sports car.

So, what do I do?

  1. Get a part-time job at Total Wine and More. No big deal, I tell myself, go in a few hours a week, get out of the house, talk to people about wine, make a little extra cash, get a discount on my wine.  Now they want me to become a Total Wine Professional – which is basically sommelier training without the presentation part. Sigh.  Back to school at my age.
  2. Get a puppy. And not just any puppy, but a rescued Doberman Pinscher from a puppy mill. Loki (the Dog of Mischief) is like having a baby. High energy, sleepless nights, gazillions of vet bills – he had parvovirus when we got him – and very VERY much a velcro dog. “Where are you?” “Where are you going?” “Are you coming back?” “I want to play NOW”. I’m too old for this.
  3. Agree to step in to teach a graduate class at the University of Miami. Oops, I did it again. Well, at least this time it’s distance learning and I am doing it to help out a friend. I am teaching early choral literature to seven very good masters and doctoral students. And they are being very forgiving about my really lousy Zoom skills (having only used it once prior to the first class). Just hope I give them their money’s worth and don’t screw up the class too much before the real professor can come back.


5 thoughts on “I’m not retired….

  1. I love it all! You are too talented NOT to share with others. And Loki will keep you young. Your life is perfect and you know it. Hugs to you and Shel!

  2. The beauty of being retired is that you can choose to say yes or no. If you say yes and it’s not what you expected or you change your mind, then you move on. Retired doesn’t mean you aren’t busy and working, it means you get to be choosy! Enjoy it all!

  3. I am doing 4 very different jobs in my retirement and I agree with Jane Rudd. The beauty is that you can choose to say yes or no.

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