Additional Thoughts on the Economy

At the eve of the Republican convention where Dictator-wannabe Donald will speak EVERY night and have his family speak as well (can you say “imperialism”?); as an independent-thinking person, I subscribe to about 30 different news feeds from the entire spectrum of political bias.

I remain convinced from a personal viewpoint that, while the stock market looks steady, the economy for a vast majority of US citizens is precarious. My personal observations were backed up today by this article today in Business Insider, a fairly moderate news source: where a Nobel Prize-winning economist laid out in clear terms what I have been feeling/thinking.

Friends, if you are a Christian, if you have any awareness of social conscience, if you believe in the basic tenets of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution wherein every person should have the same opportunities to succeed, if you care about the inequality of the 1% controlling the 99%; then you must see that this current economic situation favors only the few. If you’re white and privileged (as I am) and not afraid to accept what that means, then you must be an advocate of change.

Enough politicizing, tomorrow I will share my latest news about music and wine.


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