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Been working on the Choralis Constantinus items for the Christmas Day mass. Just finished the alleluia Dies Sanctificatus. This process is extensive since it requires me to not only transcribe the original mensural notation into modern notation  but also 1) research the possible and probable chant sources used by Isaac in his composition, 2) identify where that chant melody exists in the polyphony, 3) develop a consistent and reliable editorial style that allows the interpreter(s) to understand what was original and what I have changed in the edition, and 4) make each edition consistent to the others. Whew. Time-consuming. And I’ll probably still get slammed by some musicologists for being sloppy or amateurish. Oh well, if my work results in one performance of this music it will have been worth it.

So, now I am developing the music portion of the website to ready it for PDF distribution of the motets. I hate to say it, but I find web-building much more difficult and less intuitive than it was ten years ago with Microsoft Web Expressions. Simple tasks such as links to different pages on the website are much harder than they used to be.  We should have allowed Microsoft to continue ruling the world…..

In other news, I had my annual review with Total Wine last week and, despite my best efforts, they have decided to not only retain me but give me a raise and enroll me in their TWP (total wine professional) program – which is basically training in being a sommelier without the presentation aspects. And I thought I was done with schooling (sigh..). Actually, should be lots of fun. AND there’s a possibility that the University of Miami wants me to fill again for some courses this fall. If that happens, they’ll probably be online so, Gott sei Dank, I won’t have that awful commute.

Michelle has been in South Dakota since Friday helping Jackson pack up his house for a move to Sioux Falls. Nathan has been promoted by Olive Garden to be the new manager at the Sioux Falls restaurant and so he and Jackson are scrambling to get their house ready for sale and to find a new domicile in SF.  Michelle will return on Wednesday, after having had ample time to remember why she left SD (allergies, dry heat, etc.).  Loki and I (and the cats) will be happy to have her back.

If you are reading this because of your interest in the Choralis Constantinus, please check out the changes in that area of the website. If you’re subscribed to keep up with me and Michelle, be sure to subscribe to Loki’s Instagram page and/or leave comments on this post. Oh, and here’s what the sky looked like last night looking down my street. I love living here.

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  1. Excellent Jim. Your eclectic talents abound and go to so many disciplines; very “cool” (groovy 😁)

  2. I was just thinking of you guys today and wondering how you were doing. It’s good to see your updates! I am glad you are finding plenty to keep busy with. It’s amazing how many things can be done online, really, when it comes down to it. It’s been interesting adapting to teaching online for me personally. I prefer in person, but online has its perks, too!

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