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August Angst

Dodged a bullet with Isaias. Been doing  hurricane preparedness while dealing with part-time work, Michelle working from home with connectivity issues, our youngest child (Loki) being a puppy, and our oldest child (Jackson) getting ready to leave western SD for a new life in Sioux Falls.

The political scene in the USA continues to dismay me as FL is a battleground state and we are subjected to attack advertising, largely from the GOP, my former party. I remain a fiscal conservative but am more and more concerned about the economic and racial inequalities imbedded in the US society. As a child and adolescent I was aware of being raised on the wrong side of TWO (!) sets of tracks and was cognizant of my place in the lower middle class. But I had opportunities that those of different race did not. I have had the advantage of white privilege. It is time that the USA addressed this problem, as uncomfortable as it is.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get something done with this website and with the music that must be prepared before November 1 so that Markus Utz and his singers can study and prepare it for performance.  Extra points for anyone who can identify this music:

And I thought that retirement would be relaxing…

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